Adega original

Next to soil, climate is the most important factor in the quality of wine.

The brand “Original” links these elements to create unique wines that express the complexity, focus and elegence of the wines of Bairrada.

Superior sparkling wine with more toast and less fruit.


FLUTT Lata is an effervescent and fresh wine, very light and with balanced acidity to be enjoyed anywhere and any occasion.

Adega quatro cravos

The wines “Pé de Ganso” are made only when the winemaker considers them outstanding and are guaranteed to age well in the bottle.

The wines “Positivo” show, in its simplicity, the character of the grapes grown in the vineyards of Adega Quatro Cravos, distinguished by the full maturation that create wines with solid acidity and low volume. With no time in barrel, the result are fresh, light and genuine wines.


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