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In the production logbook for the year 1911 there is an entry for a thousand almuds (20.000l) destined for wholesale to renowned taverns and snack restaurants in the northern region.

The ancestral legacy of the Cravo family in wine-making continues today. The cellar’s identity denotes all the repetitive work that goes on the vineyards every season of the year, and this cycle goes on every year until the harvest, to reborn with the pruning, setting the vineyards for a new life cycle. As a whole, it represents something of value to the family, its ancestral heritage in winemaking, zealously preserved by the last four generations and nowadays strengthened through investments in its modernization and the adoption of contemporary oenological knowledge.

As a result of the proximity to the Atlantic ocean, the «Adega Quatro Cravos» vineyards are affected by a temperate maritime climate with heavy rain. The climate and soil bring forth soft, fresh white wines and a unique authenticity in the creation of natural sparkling wines. The commitment and care put into the work in the cellar is complemented by modern technology to create high quality wines and sparkling wines.


Vinhas da Quinta de Cima” are spread through multiple plots in Troviscal and blossom in sandy soils with vines of the Maria-Gomes, Bical, Arinto and Cercial varieties. The crisp acidity and precise ripeness of the grapes create perfect wines with low alcohol content and strong character in the making of sparkling wines.

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Vinha Barreirinha” is located in Troviscal and made up of Arinto, Bical and Cercial grapes that turn into a mature must of low alcoholic grade and balanced acidity, perfectly adequate for the production of quality sparkling wine.

Vinhas do Bronze” are found on a steep hill in the Ancas highlands, at 70 meters, where the clay-limestone land is populated by Baga and Touriga Nacional grapes used in the making of the “Pé de Ganso” red wines.


The remaining plots of vineyard occupied by the “Adega Quatro Cravo” can be found in Mamarrosa and Amoreira da Gândara, where the vines occupy the sandy, low clay content soil that give birth to Arinto and Bical white grapes of exceptional quality.

The careful planning of the plantation of the vineyards make the manual labor, which must be done with extreme care, easier. As soon as the grapes are ready, they are hand harvested and brought to the winery in baskets, keeping the grapes protected in order to create authentic fine wines.


The wines “Pé de Ganso” introduce a aesthetic link to Art Nouveau and its use of organic elements, plants and animals, to imprint the memory of that art movement in a label of Bairrada, a region with a strong presence of its elements.

The label hugs the bottle like a mother protecting her infant. The image of the bird made from winding lines representing the native plants growing in the vineyards from where the wine is made.

The label is embossed, a reminder of the stonework masterfully carved by talented craftsmen in the art that inspired us.

The wines “Pé de Ganso” are only available when the winemaker considers them extraordinary and is sure of its quality for bottle aging.


The grapes are harvested by hand and separated by grape variety to specific 20kg boxes, then smoothly destemmed. The fermentation happens in stainless steel vats with controlled temperature.

The wines stay in french oak barrel for six months before being bottled and kept in stage for twelve more months, in a controlled environment.

Pé de Ganso” Reserve Red is made from the varieties Baga, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz.

With an intense rubi colour, strong body and notes of ripe wild berries, it is mellow, round and sharp in the mouth.


The grapes are harvested by hand to 20kg boxes and smoothly destemmed. The fermentation happens in stainless steel vats with controlled temperature.

The wine go through a six month stage in french oak barrel with mild toast.

Pé de Ganso” Reserve White is made from the Arinto and Bical varieties in equal parts.

With a shining citrus colour and notes of apricot rounded by vanilla coming from oak, it a full wine, fresh and balanced.

POSITIVO” brings as the main figurative element the word “positive” with a “V” to show the pursuit of quality held by Adega Quatro Cravos, on the top of the label.

It was created to symbolize the link to the land and so that the main aromas can be generously appreciated.


It was created to symbolize the link to the land and so that the main aromas can be generously appreciated.

The innovative, contemporary approach taken in making the whites, reds and rosés under the brand POSITIVO, with no time in barrel, offers fresh, light and genuine wines.


For the sparkling wines we put together many white varieties from our vineyeards to produce a vibrant wine where the peach prevails and is joined by a fine delicate bubble that burst with pleasure the aroma of citrus fruits at the moment of release.


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