Cravo Cellar

"Pé de Ganso" wines are only commercialised when the winemaker classifies them as exceptional and offers the guarantee that they will age well in the bottle.

"Encosta da Dona" wines are exceptional wines produced with carefully selected grapes from vineyards on the slopes of Dona, in the heart of the Bairradina region;

Original Cellar

After the soil, the climate is the most important factor in wine quality.
The "Original" brand combines these elements to create original wines that express the complexity, concentration and elegance of wines from the Bairrada region.

TAPADA DE BAIXO wines simply express the personality of the grapes grown in Adega Original's vineyards, characterised by full ripeness, which produce wines with good acidity and low alcohol content.without ageing in wood, they are fresh, light and genuine.


A empresa PositiveWine nasceu em Novembro de 2013, da vontade dos enólogos Nuno Bastos e Luís Santos em trabalhar os espumantes de maneira inovadora, em rutura com os processos tradicionais de produção, embalagem e comercialização dos vinhos efervescentes. Em 2015 o conceito e Know-How é integrado no universo da Sociedade Agrícola Quatro Cravos.

It's a "superior" sparkling wine with a toastier style and less fruit.


VIVO Lata is an effervescent and fresh wine, very light and with a balanced acidity to be enjoyed anywhere or on any occasion.

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