Quatro Cravos

The first wine production at Adega Cravo was recorded in 1911.

In the wine production record book of the "Adega Cravo" in 1911, the production of a thousand almudes (20,000 litres) is noted, which were sold in bulk to taverns and snack restaurants between Ovar and Espinho.

The winery has been affected by the personal history of the owners, but they have not neglected to pass on the family's ancestral legacy of working in the vineyards and producing wine, and have passed it on with zeal to succeeding generations.

In symbolic terms, it symbolises something valuable in the "Cravo family", the ancestral winemaking heritage, received with the responsibility of being preserved for generations, in an effort that was reinforced by the founder's great-grandson, the current owner, with investments in technologically advanced equipment and improved oenological processes.

The winery's identity represents the arduous cycle of labour in the vineyards throughout the four seasons of the year. This cycle is reborn after the harvest with pruning work, preparing for the new cycle of life in the vineyards. This hard work gives rise to the two brands of wine marketed by the winery, "Pé de Ganso" and " Encosta da Dona".


The Quinta de Cima vineyards they spread over several plots in Troviscal and bear fruit on sandy soils with Maria-Gomes, Bical, Arinto and Cercial grapes. The lively acidity and perfect ripeness of the grapes produce perfect wines with a low alcohol content and a personality unrivalled in the production of sparkling base wines.

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The Barreirinha vineyard located in Troviscal, is made up of the white grape varieties Arinto, Bical and Cercial, which produce mature musts with a low alcohol content and good acidity, aimed at producing high-quality sparkling base wine.

The «Encosta da Dona vineyards" are located on a hill with a steep slope, in the highlands of Ancas, at an altitude of 70 metres, where the clay-limestone soils are studded with the Baga and Touriga Nacional grape varieties that give rise to the "Pé de Ganso" and "Encosta da Dona" red wines


The "remaining plots" of vineyards at Adega Cravo are located in the areas of Mamarrosa and Amoreira da Gândara, with the vines planted in sandy soil with a low presence of clay, where the high quality white grapes of the Arinto and Bical varieties take centre stage.

The structured planning of the vineyard planting facilitates the artisanal tasks that are carried out with great care on the vines, since the work in the vineyard is done by hand. Once the grapes have reached the optimum stage of ripeness, they are harvested by hand and transported to the winery in individual boxes, protecting the grapes with the aim of obtaining a genuine, high-quality sparkling base wine.


"Pé de Ganso" wines make the aesthetic association with Art Nouveau, where organic elements, plants and animals were used, to record the memory of this aesthetic period on a label from Bairrada, a region where this style is strongly represented.

The label wraps around the bottle as if to protect its precious contents. The image that illustrates it suggests a bird formed by sinuous lines associated with the native plants that grow in the vineyards where the grapes are produced.

The label is worked in high relief, reminiscent of the stonework expertly carved by craftsmen in the art that inspired us.

Pé de Ganso" wines are only commercialised when the winemaker classifies them as exceptional and offers the guarantee that they will age well in the bottle.


The grapes are picked by hand, sorted by variety into 20kg boxes and gently destemmed. Fermentation takes place in a stainless steel press at a controlled temperature.

The wines are aged for six months in French oak barrels with medium toast and after bottling they are aged in the bottle for more than 12 months in a controlled environment.

"Pé de Ganso" Reserva Red wine is made from the Baga, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz grape varieties.

It has an intense ruby colour, a robust character and a taste of ripe wild berries. The palate is soft, round and refined.


The grapes are picked by hand, sorted by variety into 20kg boxes and gently destemmed. Fermentation takes place in a stainless steel press at a controlled temperature.

The wines are aged for six months in medium-toasted French oak barrels.

"Pé de Ganso" Reserva White wine is made from Arinto and Bical grapes in equal proportions.

It has a bright citrus colour, with notes of apricot rounded off by vanilla from the wood. The palate is full, fresh and balanced.

"Encosta da Dona" wines are premium wines produced with grapes from the slopes of Dona, in the heart of Bairradino; Adega Cravo uses traditional processes in the planting, treatment and harvesting of the grapes, maintaining the characteristics of the terroir and preserving the richness of the flavours; Quatro Cravos' oenology works with its "Savoir Faire" to obtain rich wines of excellence.


Encosta da Dona Reserva Red is a wine of excellence from the heart of the Bairradina Wine Region; the carefully selected grapes are processed to produce a ruby-coloured, full-bodied wine with a rich flavour, characteristic of the wines produced in the region.







O Encosta da Dona Reserva Branco é um vinho de cor citrina, com aroma frutado e mineral complexo com sabores tostados provenientes da fermentação em barricas de carvalho francês;
O Encosta da Dona tem um final prolongado e delicado.

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