Quatro Cravos

In the production logbook for the year 1911 there is an entry for a thousand almuds (20.000l) destined for wholesale to renowned taverns and snack restaurants in the northern region.

The ancestral legacy of the Cravo family in the work of the vineyards and in the production of wine has lasted until the present. The winery's identity symbolizes the repetition of work on the vineyards throughout the four seasons. This cycle is repeated every year until the harvest, to be reborn with the pruning works, preparing a new cycle of life for the vineyards. Its set symbolizes something valuable in the family, the ancestral wine heritage, which passes from one generation to the next and which has been zealously preserved over the last four generations and reinforced today with investments in modernization and the application of new oenological knowledge as a result of management of Quatro Cravos.


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