PositiveWine was born in November 2013 out of the desire of winemakers Nuno Bastos and Luís Santos to work with sparkling wines in an innovative way, breaking with the traditional processes of producing, packaging and marketing sparkling wines.

The impetus of youth, combined with irreverence in a sector characterised by its conservative nature, did not bring the success imagined for the new concept of sparkling wine packaged in 200 ml cans. Time has shown that the project was thought ahead of its time, before the market successfully accepted it.

In 2015, "Sociedade Agrícola Quatro Cravos, Lda" joined Positivewine, Lda. to provide the investment required for the "FLUTT" canned wine to take on the dimension that had been envisaged by its creators. The opening up of the market to this innovative concept consolidated the leadership of the "FLUTT" brand in canned effervescent wines. With the launch of "FLUTT" sparkling wine in bottles, PositiveWine won major national and international awards, which forced it to rethink the positioning of the "FLUTT" brand. At the end of 2021, the two companies merged, with PositiveWine becoming part of Quatro Cravos' assets, and PositiveWine being given the autonomy to produce effervescent wines in bottles under the "FLUTT" brand, with the "semi-sparkling wines", packaged in cans, remaining under the "VIVO" brand.


In the words of the winemaker, once the profile of the wine has been defined, we choose the best grapes and pay attention to the first fermentation and prolonged ageing in isobaric vats to obtain an extra dose of complexity. This improvement in taste is achieved through the autolytic action of enzymes that break down the yeast into amino acids to enrich the wine's aroma and flavour.

This is where the great secret of the complex and smooth flavour of our "Flutt" natural sparkling wine lies. The fruity aromas disappear and the noble oxidation aromas of roasted nuts and caramel emerge.

Maria-Gomes and Bical grapes are the base for Flutt sparkling wine.

Like all good sparkling wines, it has a fine, elegant bubble and a long, persistent finish.

On the palate, it's rounded and creamy, with flavours of caramel and toasted nuts, and a long, full finish.


The production of effervescent wines through the sparkling process, packaged in 200ml "slim" cans, was cherished by PositiveWine right from the start, with the company choosing the right grapes to produce a fresh, fruity wine.

It's an effervescent and fresh wine, very light and with a balanced acidity that can be enjoyed anywhere or on any occasion.

VIVO CAN is an effervescent canned wine.

VIVO CAN is to enjoy, without manias of grandeur.

VIVO CAN is to savour with pleasure.

VIVO CAN is a genuine and cheerful companion.

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