Nuno Bastos is the winemaker responsible for Quatro Cravos' wines.

With a vast knowledge of the Bairrada wine-growing region and its potential for producing quality sparkling and still wines, he has taken on the commitment to give prestige to the brands marketed by the company on a national and international level.

Throughout his professional career he left important work in wineries and cellars in the Bairradina region.

Passion, dedication, art and pleasure in the creation of our wines are characteristics of our winemaker and he is responsible for numerous distinctions in the most prestigious national and international competitions, which prove the quality always present in Quatro Cravos wines.

Raquel Dias is the vineyard manager and resident oenologist.

With family roots in Sabrosa, in the upper Douro wine region, Raquel Dias is the head of viticulture at Sociedade Quatro Cravos, which she combines with her role as resident oenologist.

As he developed a taste for the world of vineyards and wines from an early age, he enriched his professional experience by working in historic vineyards where he was recognised for his work treating vines and making wine from their fruit.

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