The red varieties most common in our vineyards are Baga, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Castelão. Tinta Roriz e Castelão.

The white varieties most common in our vineyards are Bical, Maria-Gomes, Arinto and Cercial.


The vineyards of our wineries are located in Bairrada, between the Serra do Buçaco and the beaches of the Atlantic coast, traversing an arc, from North to South, starting in the village of Troviscal in the Municipality of Oliveira in the neighborhood, whose direction inflects in the direction of of São Lourenço do Bairro, in the municipality of Anadia, continuing its trajectory towards Cantanhede.

Bairrada is blessed with a mild maritime climate with plenty of fog and rain brought from the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean that affect the maturation of the grapes in a distinctive faction in contrast to all other wine regions.


To the north, the soils of the vineyards are made of a mantle of sands mixed with clay that give birth to ripe fruits of low alcohol and strong acidity. Going south, clay and lime loams are found, giving rise to wines of higher alchoolic content, more balanced that age with good coherence.



A casta Bical Bical is the most grown grape variety in our vineyards. Creating wines that are particularly mellow, fresh with persistent and complex aroma. When grown in clay-limestone soils the wines created get notes of peach or apricot and even mineral undertones of tropical fruit, if the maturation is on point.

casta Maria-Gomes Maria-Gomes is a very fruitful variety in the more sandy soils of the coastal Bairrada and is properly represented in our vineyards. The wines it creates feature low alcohol grade, quiet acidity and a strong aroma of citrus swinging between lime and lemon, tangerine and orange. Notes of herbs can also be found.

As uvas da casta Arinto Arinto is a variety from which the wines are seen as thrilling with a lively acidity, refreshing with mineral notes. With a perfect balance between volume and acidity, on one hand, and fruity citrus aromas, on the other. With an expansive presence in our vineyards, these grapes give a strong aging potential to the wines which translate in an intense evolution during the first year and the retention of the complexity of aromas for the next three or more. This is the favourite variety of our winemaker and allows for wines that clearly represent us – white wines with great complexity and aging capacity.

As uvas da casta Cercial Cercial is present in some of our vineyards and it is used for blends when the objective is to get more harmonious wines, with more volume and a sharp mineral acidity, as well as to strengthen the delicate fruity aromas. blends com a finalidade de obter vinhos mais harmoniosos, encorpados, com uma acidez mineral acentuada e também para os potenciar com os seus delicados aromas frutados.


Baga - This is the traditional red variety of the region and is responsible for the best wines in Bairrada. The Baga is vigorous and produces wines full of color, with wild berry fruit and black plum, with notes of coffee, dry grass, tobacco and tobacco, very rich in magnificent tannins when it reaches full maturity and with enormous potential for aging in the bottle. . In soils with less clay, located to the north, the low alcohol content associated with full maturity, the perfect acidity and the delicate skin with little color, allow to obtain the extraordinary sparkling "blancs de noirs".

Touriga Nacional - originate wines with accentuated acidity and good aging capacity. The thick skin, rich in coloring matter, makes for intense and deep colors. They have a soft, warm aroma, with hints of violet, making them pleasant wines to drink, well balanced and with an excellent aging capacity. The main note that stands out is very ripe and sweet red fruits.

Tinta Roriz - offers wines that combine elegance and robustness, with a well-structured body, intense aromas reminiscent of red fruits and plums, with a violet ruby ​​color, good acidity, complex and very pleasant taste. When the Tinta Roriz wine matures in oak, it manages to obtain notes of coffee, tobacco and wood, in a discreet and subtle way.


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